SPORT RAZOR is a compact do-it-yourself body razor. It's small enough to fit in your toiletry bag yet long enough to reach anywhere on your body.

SPECIAL OFFER *** One free pack of 4 replacement triple blade cartridges with purchase of each SPORT RAZOR

Will my hair grow back thicker and fuller from shaving?

No, this is a myth and scientifically proven to be false.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money back or replacement warranty against any manufacturer defects with sales receipt.

How do I change the cartridges?

Instructions will be included with the replacement cartridges.

How do I see my back to shave?

An easy way is to stand sideways in front of the mirror twisting your torso to view most of your back. Repeat on other side.

How do I apply the lubricant to my back?

You can either ask someone to apply the lubricant to your back or apply it by hand yourself. Once you start shaving, use the SPORT RAZOR to help spread the lubricant to uncovered areas of your back.

What is the correct way to hold SPORT RAZOR?

There is no single (correct) way to hold the SPORT RAZOR It will depend on which area of your body you are shaving and what feels most comfortable for you. Shaving in certain areas might feel a little awkward at first but will feel normal after a little practice. Try holding the SPORT RAZOR in different positions and try shaving at different angles to see what feels best for you.

How do I clean the razor blades?

Best way to clean the blades is to place under hot or warm running water after each stroke and gently tap on side of basin.

How frequently should I change the razor blade cartridge?

The more frequently you change the blade cartridge, the closer shave you will get each time. Changing your blade cartridge frequently will also greatly decrease the chances of skin irritation and break out.

Why did my skin break out?

Certain areas on your body may have very fine hairs. These hairs are so fine the razor blades actually pulls these hairs out instead of cutting them. This allows bacteria to get under the skin causing your skin to break out.

What can I do to reduce or eliminate break out?

Change your blade cartridge frequently.
Also your dermatologist may prescribe a lotion that kills bacteria and cleans the skin.

Why should I shave with SPORT RAZOR vs. waxing, laser removal, or electrolysis?

Shaving is less painful and less expensive than waxing, laser removal, and electrolysis.

Why should I shave with SPORT RAZOR vs. an electric shaver?

SPORT RAZOR gives you a razor blade clean shave vs. an electric shaver that leaves stubble

How can I become a retailer of SPORT RAZOR?

Please go to the CONTACT US page and send us a request.